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Tears, I find, are one of the most magical things about life. We all react differently when it comes to tears. Some of us walk off in silence trying to hide them from the world, some hold them back and never let them out, some let them fall just because they are there, and others embrace each drop.

We all have tears of joy, sadness, hurt, loss and many more. But there is one type of tear that I have found the most power within. The tears of a man. Everyone always says that men don’t cry, everyone always says that a man is weak if he cries. I disagree. Completely.

My heart cries out especially to all those young teenage guys who have lost a parent, either by death or even divorce, or even lost a sibling for example. You guys stay strong for your siblings, your little sisters and brothers. You give strength to your mother/father and always put on a strong and brave front for the family. You have had to grow up quicker than most of your peers. Life feels tough, some days even worthless. Everyone thinks you are doing fine. But what they don’t know is that in being strong for everyone around you, you   struggle to deal and work through your own pain and emotions.

In the evening when everyone has gone to sleep, and you finally get to close your bedroom door behind you after the long day. You either just drop down and sit right behind your door, or you just go and sit/lie on your bed. For a moment you just sit there. No one around you knows how exhausting it is trying to be strong for everyone around you. Some days it’s not just being strong for everyone, but putting away that urge to rebel. To go out and do all those things you were taught not to do, like drugs, smoking and drinking. It drains you to the pits.

And then, that single tear rolls down your cheek. And shortly after a whole lot more seem to follow. And where you are you cry yourself to sleep or until you have know more tears left. And the next day, the whole process just starts all over again.

If your are a young man going through this at the moment, to you I want to say: Stay strong, I have been down that road, you have know idea what a blessing you are to those around you. Without you, who knows where those close to you would be. And always know, that God’s arms are always around you, at times they may seem distant, but know that he is always with you, will never leave nor forsake you. When you turn around to see a single set of footsteps in the sand, know that those are not your footsteps. They are God’s footsteps and he is carrying you through this time.

Life is not always fair or easy, but to all you young men out there, I take my hat off to you. You are the kind of men that one day will lead to inspire others, become great Fathers and just plain and simply great men. Silent tears, are strong tears.