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So, it’s been really cold the last couple of days, wind chills of -8 degrees celcius and things like that. Personally I dig the cold weather. And what a better way to enjoy the cold weather by making a fire and some homemade bread rolls? So last night I hauled out the braai and made some rolls… Mmmm, nothing beats the taste or smell of homemade rolls being cooked on hot coals, and slightly flame grilled.

But as I was watching the fire and waiting for the flames to die down to become coals, I had this thought. A thought of comparison. How fire can/does being used as a symbol of comparison to life today. So I came up with two scenarios:

| ONE | Materialistic Flames |   | All Consuming Fire | TWO |

This is just an introduction post. So check back soon to read Parts ONE and TWO. Or to receive them via email, simply fill in your email address at the right of the screen to follow my blog.