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| ONE | Materialist Flames |

So, you might be wondering how materialism can relate to a a couple flames in a braai, right? Well this is how I see it.

Life is full of beauty. Full of things that can can leave you awestruck, speechless, in love and amazed. We are all meant to to be the flowers and plants of the world. Through us, this world can be so full of beauty. Just imagine the amount of joy there would be, if only, we all lived in the awe and beauty we were created.

But as they say, “life happens”. I’m not always sure whether the free will we have been given is a curse or a blessing. I tend to lean more to the fact that it’s a blessing, because withuot it, I can’t imagine life being life. But as life goes on, things like technology improves, you get all these new amazing gadgets that we just “have to have”. I know I am very guilty in this regard. For example, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, or the new Google Chrome book, but the coolest gadet I would die to have right now would have to be a pair of glasses from Google’s Project Glass.

We get so caught up in the matters of life that we forget the beauty that life was intended for. This is where the flame part comes in. Think about a beautiful English rose garden, or the amazing Amazon Forrest or ant other place on earth where the  beauty of nature knocks your the breath right out of you and leaves you staring at a beauty that you believe could only ever be found in dreams, or some artists painting… now imagine that same scene, but think what it looks like after a raging fire has passed through it… all you see is black and burned.

This is what I believe materialism is doing to us, it’s a small flame that we get so consumed in we don’t even notice how it’s burning through our lives. Eating through our finances. Creating debt for us. Before we know it, we are so burned out, we don’t know which direction. We feel tired and exhausted. We just want to give up.

The flames of materialism seem cruel to me. But if you step away long enough and let God in, new fresh green buds can start to grow, and in time that beautiful landscape you saw earlier can be restored to it’s former glory if not better.

Stay strong and don’t burn out.